Arts eat buffet

When you are invited to attend a party and you feel a little awkward because you only ever attend an intimate dinner in the family or just stop in for a friend's birthday party, where you can eat comfortably without captious. But at a party chic, elegant setting for many important, in addition to good communication, friendly gesture, the art to eating well is a concern to impressed with pulse around.
Food Art is also a point to note in cultural communication. Prior to the party you learn that is a party buffet or sit for appropriate behavior. In this article, La Badiane will take you a few points to keep in mind for a buffet.
1. Rule carte
Buffet is a buffet with many different foods are placed on the table according to rows. You can choose the items you like but must follow the rules from appetizers to dessert, from savory to sweet, from dry food and then the water dish, cold dishes hot dishes first and then, but the beauty of the buffet or that you are not forced to eat all the dishes like that. It's best to spend some time looking at the banquet to be able to choose the items you like.
2. Prepare tools
You can select a knife, fork or spoon, depending on the dish you choose. You notice a handle plate, a tool handles to avoid dropping utensils.
3. Note add
While choosing the food you should not jostle, should not stand in front of a dish so long to make way for other people to choose, while picking food must use separate gripping tools are not used his spoon and fork. When eating you should not emit loud noises, eating quietly, one by one dish, spoon or fork should not suck.
- It is taboo in the buffet dinner that you should not let excess food on the plate, so will be regarded as waste, you get enough use only.
- A small note is that if you are still confused while eating, then take a look at other people and "imitated" under. This may cause you to eat more slowly friend but safety indicators are very high. Or if you get stuck you can ask to help serve, they will be happy to serve you.
La Badiane wish you always comfortable with the buffet!