Bac Kinh roasted duck

Characteristic of duck roasted duck skin is thin, brittle, dark yellow color. Many restaurants serving meat dishes and own skin. Peking duck big, fat after being shot in the restaurant furnace was sliced ​​meat and skins available to guests, the partial skeleton was left to stew soup. This item background is probably from the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368). By the early 15th century, this dish was made famous Ming Dynasty emperors preferred. Peking Duck, along with human subjects Peking opera is considered the brand boasts its own culture, referring to Beijing for foreigners.
- Ducks: 1 child, to whole fish and duck make choices of meat, not too much fat, but not too skinny, and was prepared for
- 50 grams of sugar
- 40 grams seasoning
- 1 tablespoon flour marinated roast duck
- 1 tablespoon flour sa Diamond
- 1 tablespoon five-spice powder
- 4 tablespoons soy sauce
- 4 tablespoons white wine
- Onions, garlic, chilli, salt and pepper and honey leaves questions
Guide rotating duck
- Step 1: Clean the duck outside and in the abdomen, then the salt, white wine and scrubbing, deodorization of duck and rinse with clean water. Mix honey infected leaves, garlic, chopped chilli, salt and pepper, and sugar together in the stomach stuffed duck. Get bamboo skewers skewers closure. Also taking duck neck tight leash.
- Step 2: Hoa honey pot is boiling water, dip the duck to the pot of boiling water for the ducks to win the lottery and coal stoves or ovens to bake. Note: when baking rotate remember all aspects of duck to be cooked golden duck. After the ducks are slightly yellowing, then fried in oil flooded vit.
- Step 3: When fried duck, duck you need to return repeatedly, each time period or meat spaced about 4-5 minutes for the duck skin is crispy and brown bread attractive confidential. Duck slices and use oil blotting paper absorb oil on fried duck to reduce the saturated fat of fed up by the frying oil.
- Step 4: Take a sharp knife, sharp snake skin and cut into pieces small rectangle. and arrange on plates. Similarly, cut the meat into bite size pieces, neatly put a disc.
- Step 5: Serve the meat with ingredients served with soy sauce and dot with.
* Soy sauce duck dots: For like seeds in a blender and puree astronauts north fragrant oil pan, for soy, seasoned with finely chopped onion and sugar top stars for taste.