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Bar, understood simply as a place for selling alcohol to underage customers to drink (over 21). But said that alcohol actually has a beer, cocktails and wine. Nowadays, the bar is also divided many kinds, or to say that numerous, but essentially, the following three types are representative:
1. Local Bar: say na the ... .u, it is the pub. Most customers are patrons of the restaurant will live in the neighborhood. This genre famous Bar knows how to link the members of one community with one another. Every night will pull together wine enthusiasts to shop. Few drinks and left the bar. The entertainment in the bar is quite simple as darts or snooker.
2. Sports Bar: This bar-style finance often requires quite a bit. Recently it emerged as alcohol. Despite the small size as a conventional saloon replacing big weeds as 1 the club, the owner must spend a small space on the installation of several large TV screens, projection TVs and every other channel other guests can freely select their favorite items. At the same time sports bar also have to invest in a lot of food, dishes such as pizza, hamburgers, fries, ... among the principal with the leading beverage is beer to serve.
3. Special Bar: special special here is that specializes in a certain wine or drinks. Such as a bar Martini Bar - the bar drinks will represent the Martini Cocktail gifts. But there are also countless Martini flavors and many different ways, so you can rest assured that there will not be bored. Often, this bar is located in the luxury residential area and has a relatively small area. Bar also designed in a cozy and nostalgic steam tends.
In addition, the overseas there are illegal bars (Speakeasy Bars), gay bars, Student Bar, Karaoke Bar, ...
In Vietnam, the concept is equated with Bar or Club and Pub, which lost its true meaning, and it seems that people do not care for too much meaning, where a newly opened bar immediately you will see the words "Bar Club ABC, XYZ ..." or "Bar - Pub - coffee - Cream ...", something like that.
Dress ! What is the bartender?
    Bartender is a profession and that staff working in the bar - in restaurants, discos and clubs ... their work is mixed cocktails, fruit, juice, wines .. . A general Bartender can combine classic cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Mojito. A professional bartender can develop a distinct taste, harmoniously combined to get one delicious cocktail. Besides the ability to dispensing alcoholic beverages, a bartender must also know "dance" with the average shaker - a tool used in the preparation - preparation performers and inspire customers to make elected ..Ngoai fun atmosphere must know how to communicate skillfully with customers.

Coffee Bar Hall

Coffee Bar Hall are arranged pretty neat, simple but equally luxurious with coffee, beverages European style ...
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Floor Coffee Bar 7

On the 7th floor at Ninh Kieu 2 Hotel, Coffee Bar is separated into two parts: in the house for the guests enjoy a warm, discreet and very spacious outdoor with 35m height you can watch the submerged in a very interesting night.
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