Drink properly

What is alcohol culture

Culture is characteristic of alcohol, is different holding each region, depending on the room as well as keep the local way of life. But "culture" here were different, but they have in common among all the regions. A culture that everyone needs to take responsibility, the responsibility for their own health, the family and society. In other cases, if taken beyond this responsibility, then are not the alcohol culture "mainstream" in Vietnam.
Beer drinking culture of Vietnam.
Vietnam people with common habits that before he started in the party, people generally toast, toast, congratulated each other and then would drink the first cup out.
After the first week of beer, people will begin to enter the party. This was followed by a toast to invite other people. "When someone invites you to a shallow cup, he will take off to create respect for, then you should also re-invited to make a respectful, reciprocal who invited her to drink" this is seen as advice win for anyone to drink alcohol in Vietnam. That is the drinking culture of the Vietnamese people.
Drinking culture of the Vietnamese
Traditionally, when the men sat drinking, women are not drinking the same (but in some modern families, traditions and culture were no longer, but everyone together toast to create warmth in the party)
Drinking culture in the North: People often poured out glasses of wine, then drink, people often have to drink the wine of equal quality.
Drinking culture in the South: People often drink in the bowl, and the wine is usually served in a jar. In the South, people are not forced to drink the same as in the North, people can drink according to "drinker" her.
In some regions, cultural usually drink wine, wine to put in jars, then people need to suck alcohol use (drinking culture here is mainly of the ethnic)