Ginger steamed squid


Making a pot of steamed squid with ginger

Prepare ingredients steamed squid with ginger
- Fresh Ink: 500g, you can use squid ink rice, tasty squid are offline.
- Ginger: one arm around 100g.
- Onion: 100g.
- Chilli red horns: 6 left.
- Squid steamed vegetables served with ginger life: 1 cucumber, 1 figs (optional light), basil, coriander, lettuce.
- Garlic: 1 tuber.
- Fresh Lemon: 1 fruit.
- Spices: Seeds wedge, fish sauce, sugar, white wine.
Semi-processed materials for steamed squid with ginger
- Ink: Pre-processing, washed with water laced with white wine and ginger fishy pounded for less ink, more delicious when steamed. Cut the squid into 3cm long circle, departed on intimate light. If ink is small rice to whole offline. Marinated squid with 1 tablespoon seasoning, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, ½ tablespoon MSG for 20 minutes to infuse spice level.
- Ginger: Peel, wash, divided into 3 sections, 2/3 move just 1/3 to AD.
- Onion: Pick just washed, drained, cut into 5cm long.
- Peppers horn: 3 left the stems, washed, halved, seeded, cut only, 3 left to AD.
- Garlic: Peel, wash and drain.
- Lemon Fresh: Get the juice.
- Vegetable eaten raw ginger steamed squid: Pick up and washed, drained, cucumber scrub caps 2 first century, sliced ​​3cm long, hard peeled, sliced ​​soaked with lemon water mixed with little to be white fig and laid out the disc so appealing.
Performing steamed squid with ginger
- When the ink has soaked spices, mixed with ginger ink - only chili, onions songs, entered pulse steamed for about 10 minutes until the squid is cooked to be, you should not steamed too long will cause the ink cartridge loss delicious crispness offline. Steamed squid with ginger presentation disc so beautiful.
- Fish sauce is served with an important step of making a pot of steamed squid with ginger: You should note that, for steamed squid, only lemon garlic ginger sauce is most of jog, a sauce as follows : You give 3 chilli horns, remaining ginger, garlic, 2 tablespoons sugar in a mortar very fine, can move chilli, ginger into slices will easily retire than offline. Then the mixture into a bowl, mix 5 tablespoons fish sauce, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, stirring as you've got one bowl of tasty ginger sauce and know, may extend the reduced sugar, chilli, fish sauce, ... up to flavor the whole family offline.
- Using squid steamed ginger fish sauce and served with raw vegetables is extremely tasty and attractive, the main raw vegetables and served with ginger sauce steamed squid makes richer very much.
Requirements and enjoy steamed squid with ginger
- Steamed squid with ginger dish is presented eye-catching, attractive, harmonious colors, ink repellent lightly spiced, crispy delicious, served with ginger sauce and raw vegetables can stimulate appetite very effectively.
- Steamed squid with ginger With this you have to eat right now and do not forget the delicious new hot spices accompanied ahead.