Grilled chopped fish hotpot

Fish hot pot melon waterfall strabismus

- 300g fish flesh waterfall strabismus
- 700-800g pork bones
- 4-5 bitter melon (bitter gourd)
- Onion, cumin, pepper, red onion, 1 stalk ginger, pepper, seasoning salt, salt, cooking oil
Step 1: Bone pieces of pork chop, wash and place in a pot of boiling water with a little salt lightly cooked. Boiling water for 2 minutes pour back country travel, rinse with cold water bone. Then the bones into the stew pot thoroughly drain your basement regularly dung.Trong when skimming the pot and add the ginger and 1-2 bones 1 branch grilled purple onion Profile shredded pulped to be sweet and aromatic broth over.
Step 2: green onions, dill cut roots, old leaves, crushed sicken, washed. Then take half the seats on the finely chopped dill for fish were lying together, rest together sliced ​​green onions to eat the same pot. 1 chilli, halved, seeded and chopped. The remaining fruit slices in a bowl for sauce.
Step 3: Let the fish shaking in 1 bowl, add a little spice, pepper, finely chopped peppers and fennel on the same. Use spatula to knead the meat was very chewy mollusk.
Step 4: Apply a layer of cooking oil on the surface of the disc and plastic gloves, individual members of the flat balls, put on disc, using sealed envelope food back in the refrigerator, take out used when food is torch.
Step 5: Suffering through the removal of stalks, wash, remove the intestines halved, sliced, put on disc. Fresh bun and put a disc in and put on the table.
Step 6: For the broth to the pot, add a little spice to taste and then boiled. When boiling water, fish in advance. When you fish cooked sliced ​​melon on the same bit of onion, dill. Serve hot with noodles and chili sauce very tasty. Fish hot pot melon waterfall strabismus not only delicious and nutritious but also very good for health too.