Hotpot Sturgeon

Sturgeon is the fish brought high nutritional value, nutritional ingredients in these fish contain a lot of vitamin A, phosphorus, vitamins B6, B12, selenium, omega 3 and omega 6 variety, should easily absorbed and easily digestible, good for human health. If you have the opportunity to go to the kitchen and processing of sturgeon fry hotpot care! Preferences.
Raw hot pot dishes prepared for sturgeon:
700 grams of sturgeon
200 grams of green onion, 50 grams of chili
100 grams of ginger, 3-4 cloves garlic
100 grams of flour
1 onion, 50 grams of onion
Tomatoes, bean sprouts, tofu small, each 100 grams of cabbage
300 grams of fresh noodles or pasta
Vegetables eaten
Seasoning: Fish sauce, pepper
Steps sturgeon hot pot:
The first is with sturgeon
You rinse the fish and took 1 plate just long enough to accommodate sturgeon, sturgeon for flour in a plate and rub all over the fish and brought her back to wash fish thoroughly.
Cut sturgeon into about 2 cm thick chunks and put into one another clean plate, I'll share this fish to taste and serve at the table. As for the head and tail sturgeon will be used to cook soup.
Ginger, onion, red onion peeled and halved.
Peeled garlic, minced
Suitcase vegetables, bean sprouts, cabbage picked and purified, and fish out to dry.
Tomatoes Wash and complementary areca zone. Non slice tofu.
The next step is the pot on the stove, for 1 liter of water to boil as a pot of water. With ginger, shallot and onion you entered through the oven or grilled on charcoal if they should shave the black crust outside then. When boiling water is for this tuber, heat up to get the flavor.
North pan on the stove, heat a little oil and place on the non-aromatic garlic. Next to the fish in and fry briefly. Drizzle over a little sturgeon fish sauce and pepper. To make it easier for fish sauce and pepper you a bowl, stir and give up his fish. About 1-2 minutes and then for the sturgeon into the soup pot, about 15 minutes to remove security sweetness of the fish.
In the module you remember tasting spices to taste and, if floating, then skim off the foam section go to water and fresh water in the pot.
The next step you need to do is to be picked up and scallions washed, cut the top individual onions, halved and place in soup pot. Crushed green leaves.
Peppers washed, seeded and chopped entered mortars. Then for the last green chili soup in the pot after tasting spices.
Finally for a pot of water to cook hotpot hotpot, fish presented with vegetables and rice noodles served with tomato and tofu premature. Where will dip to eat it.
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I wish you successful and more delicious meal and the family relatives.