Eating east and west

The difference between Oriental cuisine and Western through each element

The difference in the composition in combination:
     To be able to create perfect dishes that win hearts, chefs must pay attention to the various components and spices. So many people may think that there are certain rules in the culinary arts. But you would be surprised to know the basic rules are pretty much not taken into account in generating different flavors of culinary cultures East and West. While Western dishes always combined ingredients are conflicting interests and "avoid" pairing people with similar taste, the chefs cooked east from the combination of components with popular taste.
According to statistics, 13 major components of Western cuisine such as butter, milk, eggs - 74.4% used in food - is absent in most of Oriental cuisine.
Differences in the area, the weather:
With the difference in the weather and region, every country has their own advantages in the development and manufacture of various components. For example, barley, wheat, nuts, legumes, vegetables and seafood ..., resulting in different methods and styles of cooking food.
Different cultures:
In Asia, especially Vietnam, a traditional meal consists of rice - vegetables - fish. Asians do not consume meat as the main course, but focus on natural fruits and vegetables.
In contrast, in European cuisine, meat is the most important part of the meal. The most popular types of meat as beef and lamb. European chefs also stressed the importance of free sauce to enhance the flavor of the meat. Dairy products typically used in the cooking process. Cereals and bread has long been familiar dish out delicious food with main dishes as well as pasta and pastries.
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