Seafood Soup

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To be able to be done how delicious seafood soup must contain a bin you need to get the seafood soup ingredients following:
Seafood Soup ingredients need the following:
200 g tofu premature
150 g fresh shrimp
150 g of scallop meat
150 g crabmeat
50 g peas
50 g carrots
25 g of corn (maize)
Little ginger, green onions, cilantro
Chicken broth, flour
2 egg whites defeated
 Spices: salt, pepper, sugar, garlic
Instructions on how to make delicious seafood soup attractive:
Here are the steps to make delicious seafood soup at home attractive:
Step 1: Tofu buy the rinse water to drain and then bring small cut pieces. Shrimp washed cleverly bought stripped shell, black only in spine and bring shredded. Crab meat wash and drain the water, scallop meat slices provide oral rinse
Step 2: clean grated carrots washed shell particles move from. Corn peas washed to drain.
Step 3: you can be mixed into flour with a little water to the bowl aside.
Step 4: pan on a stove for heating and cooking oil in the non-aromatic garlic ginger up. Then the shrimp, scallops and fried meat with a bit of spice offline
Step 5: Continue to follow instructions on how to make delicious soup appetizer. You chicken soup and water to boil the pot of boiling water until you bring back to corn, carrots, peas on. Wait about 2 to 3 minutes, then for further tofu into offline.
Step 6: Finally you tasting spices to taste and place the flour and stir slowly into the house until the soup has a match is to be. Your continued to stir the egg whites into the light in a certain way to form fibers whiff. You've got to be seafood soups every day delicious food nutritious for your family got you.