Vietnam-style grilled chicken

Black H'Mong chicken, bone black, dark meat - the name "H butt" has said it all, as the breed of the Hmong people - mainly ethnic groups living in the mountainous northern province of our country. Hmong chicken breeds is that you probably only activated Hmong, hence it as a symbol, is the pride of the Hmong people here. The origin of this precious breed is still a mystery, just know that we have come into the lives of the Hmong, are part of the northwestern mountains from ancient times.
But more than the value of food, chicken Hmong also a valuable medicine, is the raw material for many medications. From feudal, chicken Hmong offered to kings as a body coated with drugs can facilitate, oxygen enrichment, enhance vitality.
That is entirely scientific basis because according to research, Hmong chicken with high amino acid content, low cholesterol while high in linoleic acid should have special medicinal value in treating cardiovascular disease. Password whooping cough can be used to treat children the way of ethnic, cooked chicken bone healing high shivering limbs. Especially, chicken Hmong high glutamic acid content (3.87%) outperformed other types of fowl such as chicken curry and chicken evil chicken should taste sweet dark, low iron should not fishy as evil chicken. Nutritionally, Hmong chicken worth many times more than the evil chickens, so the Northwest with Hmong traditional dishes are chicken and herbs, intended to boost your health for malnourished people.