Astronotus ocellatus fish

Fish processing Astronotus ocellatus
   The food is made from what was a great fish with sweet, tasty fish meat combined with spices, then indeed there is nothing fairer. But mention the simply prepared fish, the housewives are very afraid because so stinking smell of fish in the diet of fish seldom appeared on the dinner table.
So today we will guide you to make a tasty dish made with fish and had no fishy smell with an oscar fish fried dotted with sweet sour sauce from me will bring you a rustic flavor of the countryside.
Material should prepare some materials follows:
- 1 fish Astronotus ocellatus, Bun, Cooking Oil, Rice Paper, Vegetables eaten Some spices: sugar, salt, tamarind, ...
- Preliminary processing of fish: The fish you in brine for about 10 minutes and brought to colon cleansing, holding scales, check out the mucus on fish skin. Fish washed clean, drained.
- Let the oil pan on the stove, waiting very hot oil and fried fish on. Take care that the fish is submerged in oil, and easy-nine just help both fish scales and fins are fragrant, crisp.
Note your frying pan remember not too small for the fish because the fish are not going to make gold.
- When the nine gold fish just right, the disc you have the lower oil absorbent paper to help fish oil drain faster and the food not so sick because of the oil fat.
- Processing of fish sauce accompanied. Saute onion + garlic + ginger + peppers for flavor, for me to add a little boiling water, delicious seasoning sauce, sugar to taste sour, sweet, salty taste.
- The sewing is finished, you're done for the disc decorated with several executive branch fragrant, delicious dishes are served with rice noodles and vegetables.
- You enjoy the feeling of raw vegetables and tangy sweetness of the meat gourami, the crunchy layer of air waves will all pray fish in tamarind sauce just spicy sour spicy, this is indeed a extremely delicious dishes, you can grab them in the kitchen doing dishes like fried fish ear for family and friends to enjoy offline.