Prawn Steamed with Coconut Water

How to make coconut milk steamed shrimp delicious gourmet natural 
Step 1: Pre-processing of raw materials
Coconut water tight first part took part to detach the bowl. When tight memory and dexterity careful because in later will decorate the coconut shrimp to this.
Picked green onions washed, cut into long segment.
Cucumber washed, peeled, chopped small.
Tomatoes washed, cut, drill, cut into thin circle.
Lettuce, herbs picked washed with diluted salt water, fish out and drain basket.
Red onion peeled and chopped.
Buy the shrimp fresh, alive. Buy the cut beard and then rinse with clean water, drain.
Clipped beard shrimp, rinse and drain.
Step 2: 
Pour the coconut milk into a small pan deep, drop chopped onion boil wealth. Coconut water boiling for less salt, seasoning on. Then pour prawn pan, stir with chopsticks cooked shrimp. When turned red shrimp were cooked ie. You turn off the heat, remove the shrimp to disc
Step 3: Presentation + Shrimp you enjoy going around the mouth coconut.
Steamed shrimp last part pour water inside the coconut. Place the coconut in the middle of a large plate, put the cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs.
Enjoy this dish with lemon pepper and salt are some dzach, ensure free cooking delicious, is not inferior to the famous diner restaurant.