Roasted Salted Perch

Perch is quite abundant in canals, lagoons, wetlands. Perch with three fingers adult closed, fat and tender meat and meat, delicious. Floating season or when it is raining, the perch in the rice field to find food is the loss of rice, or the seeds of rice recovered after the first harvest. Large perch is very fast and fat because the food in nature is very rich. Double-fingered rattlesnakes, called "rogues", smaller called "chubby". Fish "sea check" his elected, flat bright black. Fried meat, delicious. Rhinoceros is the best and most commercially valuable. With just a few net hands, they are spread in small waterways in the forest or on the banks, fields, gardens, ponds, lakes. Hours after harvesting, it is normal to harvest some fish.
Roasted Salted Perch Roasted Salted Perch can tho Roasted Salted Perch ninh kieu 2
Roasted salted roulade is a gastronomic dish but very unique. Oranges caught or bought in the market, picking roe, leaving whole, washed with less salt water diluted, to the bamboo basket to drain. Using earth to roast is best. Salt is very easy to make. Put some salt in the bowl. Picking up the fish. Spread some salt on the fish surface. Cover the lid and heat the fire just enough. When hot, salt will explode, stammered. At that time we can spread a little more lemon grass. About 10 minutes, the salt will burst out, the smell of lemongrass scented, asphyxiated, then the checkered fish was cooked, removed forks. Eat fish with roasted salted herbs with aromatic herbs such as: lettuce fish, perilla, lemon basil, basil, sour banana, pineapple, cucumber ... sliced ​​thin. Sprinkle with red pepper and add some green chili peppers right. If you add a delicious sticky rice or a can of beer, it is "too!"
Scale the fish scales, draw meat ... Bite a piece of meat fish fillet soft, white phau, delectable, tasty, fragrant rich, you will feel great taste to the root of the teeth, tongue.
This is a specialty of easy-going folk, typical of wetlands. Come to the Mekong Delta, you find, enjoy once said ... Most restaurants, eateries in the West have this dish!