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During operation in the tourism industry as well as the field of Food, Restaurants Ninh Kieu 2 of our dishes prepared tasty rustic southern Vietnam are people from rural to urban areas preferred Popular because it just meets three elements: tasty - complement - cheap and with flavor and fascinating form ...

Steamed shrimp with coconut milk

Place the coconut in the middle of a large plate, put the cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs.
Enjoy this dish with lemon pepper and salt are some dzach, ensure free cooking delicious, is not inferior to the famous diner restaurant.
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Basa fish whith tomato sauce

How to cook tomato sauce Pangasius repository for rainy days. Weather cool rainy day stimulates your appetite, the more family meals better than the catfish dish with tomato sauce warehouse.
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Beef with fries

Food simple, fast and enough processing. A little dish arrange for you to be a plate of beef potato rattles attractive and eye-catching offline!
How to cook beef rattles not difficult offline!
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Astronotus ocellatus fish

The food is made from what was a great fish with sweet, tasty fish meat combined with spices, then indeed there is nothing fairer. But mention the simply prepared fish, the housewives are very afraid because so stinking smell of fish in the diet of fish seldom appeared on the dinner table.
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Pepper Grilled snails

Pond snails are boiled and left to file for barbecue charcoal fire, had left freshly baked sauce made available spices such as pepper, garlic, MSG ... to see water boiling inside screws up, gulp down, to a plate lining fragrant laksa leaves.
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